We’re glad that you’re taking the time to learn more about what we do here at Pueblo Mortgage Brokers. Compared to other brokers out there, our firm is quite unique. We’re a husband-and-wife operated brokerage firm with clients throughout the Pueblo area. We provide very similar services to larger, corporate firms, though the main difference is that we provide those services on a smaller scale.
With that said, our resources and experience match that of a much larger firm. In all, we have around 15 years of combined experience in the banking industry. Some of the banks we spent time working at include J.P Morgan, Citibank, and Wells Fargo.
Through our years spent working with these heavy hitters, we gained loads of valuable experience in the realms of specialized loan servicing, reporting data, risk analysis, escrow balance analysis, loan processing, consumer credit interpretation, and much more.
Pueblo Mortgage Brokers first took form as a platform to ease the process of loan origination thanks to a combination of our diverse backgrounds. Our firm is quite unique in that we utilize our experience from the major banks we worked with to provide our clients with both applicable practices and mom-and-pop style customer service to originate loans smoothly.
We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from a variety of backgrounds, including first-time homebuyers and real estate veterans. Our motto at Pueblo Mortgage Brokers is that there is “no job too big or too small.” If you’re looking to simplify the loan process, then we’re here to help.